هفته کوچینگ: Kemal Basaranoglu

Kemal BasaranogluFounder & Professional CoachTuruncu Yeşil Coaching ConsultingReno, USA
وبینار هفته جهانی کوچینگ

To Be A Coach Or To Do Coaching

You can easily find people who call themselves as a coach. Some of them had never get coaching session for themselves before.
Some of them never had any training too. But they are assuming themselves the biggest.
I have done 2.200 coaching hours and accompanied over 60 coaches journey during and after coaching training as a coach, mentor and supervisor. So what’s your vision?
To do coaching? If it is, do not waste any coin from now on!

Kemal Basaranoglu

Graduated from Industrial Engineering of Galatasaray University, Kemal started “The Art & Science of Coaching” program at Erickson Coaching International in Turkey and 10+ years as manager in Renault.
A Professional Certified Coach (PCC), his coachees are leaders, career seekers, entrepreneurs, and coaches. He is an author of Harvard Business Review Turkiye and a blogger, writing on human potential, awareness, and personal development. He is the writer of a book about coaching called “Yolunu Arayan Yolcu – Traveler Who Looks For His Way”

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