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I’m Asghar Mohammadi Fazel, A member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). With numerous academic and executive background in various universities including Shahid Beheshti University, University of Tehran, Science and Research Campus of Azad University and Australian RMIT University.

I have accomplished professional with 15+ years’ experience in delivering technical and executive support to a wide range of organizations among the private and public sectors. I was focusing on natural resources planning, biodiversity conservation, as well as health, safety and environment (HSE). Also acknowledged for the capacity to analyze complex issues, expedite innovative solutions, and build consensus-driven approaches.

Project manager with proven success. Ensuring timely completion within the estimated budget for several United Nations agencies, among others. Skilled in conducting meetings, consulting, training, mentoring, coaching and achieving fundraising targets. Excellent communicator dedicated to making the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

My work backgrounds include consulting, mentoring, coaching and management in the Department of the Environment, IPBES Presidency in Bonn Germany, AIC College in Austria, World Monitoring Center in Cambridge, UK, and many other institutes around the globe in all five continents. My professional experience includes international project formulation and fundraising in several successful projects for the private sector, government agencies, and UN agencies.

Ability to execute and participate in external bidding, chairing large meetings, consulting, training, advising and achieving marketing goals; enhances my capabilities to communicate with stakeholders. Also, negotiation to obtain the highest level of compliance with integrity standards and analyze complex issues, develop innovative solutions, and to negotiate international treaties and agreements.

Although with the experience of managing and teaching at various universities, my main focus has been on youth coaching. As a Coach, I’m always concern about facilitating professional entry into the international arena. Skills that are less addressed in college or family.

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